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The physical therapy care you will receive here at
Change Sports Physical Therapy Institute in Huntington Beach, CA is focused all on you.  The focus and attention we give to elite level athletes is the same you will receive when you do your rehabilitation with us.  Lets start getting you back to your life by taking a proactive, methodical and caring approach to your rehabilitation.

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We believe that pain and injury should not stop you from living your life. Back pain can be a very debilitating condition. The physical therapy at our office in Huntington Beach, CA is ready to get you back to your life. Our comprehensive approach to alleviating your back pain is focused on restoring the motion and function you need. There are many factors which could be causing your back pain. Our approach is to find what stressors are causing your pain, and address those- not just the symptoms.

Running We practice the art and science of physical therapy.  It is an art, because every person is different and every injury reacts differently to treatments.  There is no “one way” to treat any given injury.  Physical therapy is also a science, because we base all our decisions for treatment on the current research and literature.  There is a scientific reason for every exercise we prescribe and every manual treatment we perform. Feel free to ask us why we do what we do.  

Our treatment approach in physical therapy is centered on your goals.  Every treatment is composed only of one-on-one care by a physical therapist.  We focus first on decreasing pain and controlling inflammation.  Once that acute pain has decreased, we focus on addressing the primary contributing factors to your injury.  These are often due to issues of tightness or weakness throughout the body.  For example, patellofemoral pain (knee pain in the front of the knee, around the knee cap) is often the result of one or several of the following contributing factors: arch instability, tight IT band, weak hip abductors and external rotators and quadriceps weakness.  Our focus in physical therapy is not simply on resolving the pain, which is the symptom, but on resolving the contributing factors that caused the symptom in the first place.  Come visit our physical therapy clinic in Huntington Beach, in Orange County, CA.  

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    Functional movement can be defined as the movement your body needs to be perform the activities you want it to perform. In order to be able to squat down to the floor, you need the correct amount of mobility and strength in your joints to be able to perform that task. That makes sense right? Well, have you ever stopped to evaluate whether or not you have the correct mobility and stability in your body to perform the activities you are doing? You probably CAN do the movement, but at what cost to your body? Is your body compensating for a lack of mobility in your hips and making up for it with excess motion in your back?.
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